Pet CPR, First Aid! and Pet Saver Class

We have partnerd with PetTechâ„¢ Certified instructor David Broome, PTI #1938 to be our staff instructor.

Pet owners consider their pets to be their best friends, members of their family and lifelong companions. This hands-on training will prepare pet owners and Pet Care Professionals with the knowledge, skills and techniques to help their pets and clients' pets in the event of a medical emergency.

We believe in this course so much we have made it a requirment for all employees of White Knoll Pet Resort to take this training.

Pet CPR, First Aid!

Class are offered on the 1st Sunday of the month at 1:00 PM. (Ending around 5PM)$90.00

By embarking upon this journey, you will become trained to handle most any emergency that may arise with your pet.

Do you realize in nearly 90% of cases when a pet sustains a serious injury the pet parent can only stand there in total shock and watch them die?

By learning these techniques YOU can possibly sustain your pet long enough to get them to a professional veterinarian.

PetSaverTM Training

Class are offered on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 8:00 PM. (Ending around 5PM)$125.00

The training is taught by lecture, demonstration and hands-on skills practice and covers a number of valuable first aid skills and information to help keep dogs and cats happy and healthy. Includes 40+ page PetSaverTM handbook and upon successful completion, each participant will receive a certificate and a wallet card.

This fully integrated 8-hour class includes Pet CPR, ABC's of Pet First Aid, Senior Care and Dental Care to give pet lovers updated information in pet health, care, prevention and priorities of emergency care.

"Old age" in pets is considered a condition and not an illness or disease. There are many preventive measures to take that will increase the quality of pets' lives from puppyhood to adulthood. This class also teaches the specific needs of older pets and how to care for them. Including exercise, nutrition and preventive measures.

"Doggie" or "Kitty-breath" is not normal and is a sign of poor oral health. This training teaches the signs and symptoms of poor oral hygiene, what causes it, and what can be done to improve overall dental health. Including specific steps necessary to help prevent poor oral hygiene, how to brush pets' teeth and the role veterinarians play in the oral health of pets.

Some of the skills practiced and lecture topics in the PetSaver (8-hour training) include:

3 Types of CPR
Restraint & Muzzling
Rescue Breathing
Choking Management
Shock Management
Bleeding Protocols
Primary Pet Assessment
Snout-To-TailTM Wellness Assessment
Snout-To-TailTM Injury Assessment
Assessing Pet's Vitals Senior Care
Learning Pet First Aid
Heat & Cold Injuries
Snake Bite / Insect Bites & Stings
Emergency Situations
Pet First Aid Kit Contents
Priorities of Care
Dental Care

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