We come to you! - Do you need Help Training Your Dog?

    We come to you! Our Accredited dog trainers offer one-on-one guidance in the comfort and convenience of your home to discuss and work with you on a wide range of topics such as:

    – Selecting the right puppy or adult dog for your family

    – Tips and recommendations to prep your home for a new dog

    – Adopting a second dog as a companion to your aging dog

    – Manners & obedience training for your puppy or adult dog (housetraining, crate training, mouthing, etc.)

    – In-home activities for mental stimulation for puppies, adolescents, seniors & recuperating dogs


    Private training is also a great option for dogs that need extra attention or have social issues that require a custom tailored training program that addresses their specific situation.

    Some common behavioral issues include:

    – Timidness/Fear of people, kids, or strangers (non-family members)

    – Timidness/Fear of new places; car rides

    – Reactivity/Aggression toward people, kids, or other dogs, either on- or off-leash

    – Fear/Aggression toward moving objects (cars, horse carriages, bicyclists, joggers, etc.)

    – Feat/Aggression toward objects, new or unfamiliar (vacuum cleaner, shopping carts, balloons, etc.)

    – Guarding/Aggressive displays when in possession of food, toys &/or location (couch, bed, entryway to kitchen, etc.)

    – Thunder &/or noise phobia (rain/storm, fireworks, trash truck, etc.)

    – General or situational anxiety

    – Demand barking; Nipping; Digging


    All sessions are 1-hour long. If you have any questions about our in-home private sessions, please call our training department to discuss.


    If you live outside of a 20 mile radius from the White Knoll Pet Resort, a $10 traveling fee will be due upon arrival.


    You may sign-up for the first in-home visit by clicking on the registration button below, and the book now option to schedule a time. During the appointment, you will have an opportunity to discuss with your trainer which discounted lesson package or class would be beneficial in helping you reach your training goals.


    Guaranteed results?
    No professional dog trainer will guarantee results; it is considered extremely unethical to do so in the dog training industry. Dogs are living, breathing beings and behavior is contextual. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee owners are adhering to our training guidelines and completing their homework. However, we do guarantee satisfaction and education! Our trainers work with owners one on one to educate them on learning theory, dog training, and show them how to train their dogs.

    In-Home Private Dog Training

    Package pricing:

    1-Session/Consult, $85 (register below)

    3-Session Package, $225 ($75 per session)

    5-Session Package, $325 ($65 per session)



Dog Training Hours:

Monday-Friday 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday 9 AM – 5 PM
Sunday 1 PM – 6 PM
Walk-in tours of our facilities available Monday-Saturday Noon-3 PM

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K9 traiing


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